Wait List Process

A student may put his/her name on a wait list for a single, a room in another hall or a vacant double with a specific roommate. The order of this list is based on the class of the student, and the order in which the Wait List form is submitted. Seniors have first priority, then juniors, then sophomores The first day to submit a Wait List form for the following academic year is the Friday after the Room Selection process has concluded in late April.

Please indicate your room preferences with “1″ for first choice, “2″ for second choice, etc. Do not limit yourself too much. Only those choices indicated will be considered when a vacancy occurs. Therefore, only list the rooms in which you would be willing to live. If one of your Wait List choices has been honored, and you’ve been reassigned, you will no longer be on the Wait List. Another Wait List Request must be filed if you still wish to be considered for another room. Once you have been reassigned, another student will be given the space which you vacated. Wait Lists remain on file for the semester(s) indicated only. If you change your mind and no longer wish to be on the Wait List, please notify the Housing Office immediately. Remember, there is an additional charge for a single room.