About the Program

The interdisciplinary major in biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB) investigates biological phenomena at the molecular and chemical levels. The intersection of biology and chemistry provides an integrative focus for understanding the molecular processes of life, and students engage the material using contemporary methods of biochemical analysis and molecular biology. The curriculum consists of required courses which provides a strong background for further study in both fields and electives allow students to personalize their major and pursue their interests in either biology, chemistry, or both. A key component of the BMB program is the pursuit of at least one semester of original research, mentored by a member of the Drew faculty. These opportunities provide close collaboration between students and faculty, and often result in published manuscripts and presentations at national scientific conferences.

Students graduating with an interdisciplinary major in biochemistry and molecular biology have a strong foundation for entering graduate and medical schools, or industrial positions. However, please note that due to the breadth of the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, no single curriculum can prepare students for all graduate programs and industrial positions available in these areas. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisors when choosing their elective courses so that they will have a background appropriate to pursue their post-graduation goals.

Primary Faculty

Please contact any of the following faculty members to learn more about this program:

Affiliated Faculty

  • Arnold Demain, RISE Fellow
  • Ronald Doll, RISE Fellow
  • Vince Gullo, RISE Fellow
  • Roger Knowles, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Joanna Miller, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Alan Rosan, Professor of Chemistry
  • Barbara Petrack, RISE Fellow

Major/Minor Requirements and Course List

Please view the college catalog for a full and up to date list of requirements and courses for this program.