Awards and Prizes Earned by Drew University Students
in Biology, Neuroscience, and Related Fields

Anna Barofsky Prize in Biology
This prize was endowed by family and friends in memory of Anna-Lisa Barofsky (C’62). It is awarded to a junior or senior majoring in biology or psychology who presented the best research paper at a scholarly biology conference.

Awarded to:
Cory Krediet 2006
Michelle Guney 2005
Oktawia Wojcik 2004
Melissa Anne Goggin 2003
Carrie Lynn Campana 2002
Samantha van Horne 2001
Airaj Fasiuddin, Simne Ng 1999
Chris Capitini, Kristen Newman 1998
Stephanie Morse, Mitan Patel 1997

Tracey J. Shors Neuroscience Prize
Endowed in 1999 by John F. Brinster (C’43) and Doris A. Brinster. Awarded to an outstanding Drew student for collaborative, multidisciplinary research in the neurosciences.

Awarded To:
Amanda Holloway 2006
Jonathan Stone 2005
Julie Strain 2003 & 2004
Carrie Campana 2001

Sidney Udenfriend Prize
Established in 2000 by family and friends in memory of Sidney Udenfriend, second director of the Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti. Awarded annually to one or more students majoring in science who demonstrate exceptional promise for fundamental or applied research.

Awarded To:
Elena Tartaglia 2005
Anthony Miller 2004
Lauren Campbell 2003

Peter Jennings Prize in Botany
Endowed by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zuck to honor a former student, Peter R. Jennings C’53. Awarded for high promise in botany, particularly for work in plant improvement.

Awarded To:
Rema Hazuri 2005-2006
Tara St. Angelo 2004-2005
Eugene Gillespie 2003-2004
Lucy Marie Rubino 2002-2003
Amanda Gibson 2000-2001
Jennifer Wollenberg 1998-1999
Marc Dwyer 1997-1998
Sara Scanga, Janine Wolf 1996-1997

The Novartis Awards in Science
Sponsored by the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Awarded for excellence in the several fields of the sciences.

Novartis Awards in Biology and Biochemistry
Peter Midgley (biology) 2006
Emily Fischer (biochemistry) 2006
Elia Tait (biology) 2005
Andrea Tavlan (biochemistry and chemistry) 2005
Lauren DeStefano (biology) 2004
Alissa Worthing (biochemistry) 2004
Rajeev Lakshmi Narayan, Shefali Trivedi (biology) 2003
Robin McDowell (biology) 2001
Christy Jo Geraci, Raegan O’Lone (biology)1999
Chris Capitini (biology) 1998
Erinn Beagin (biology) 1997

Novartis Award in Neurosciences:
Julie Strain (neuroscience) 2006
Alex Kohl 2005
Jeannette Stankowski 2004
Amanda Patrice Peterson 2003
Pam Carpentier 2001
Allison Froehlich 999
Nehal Mehta 1998
Amy Lothian 1997

Woods Hole Field Station Scholarship:
Kyle Gillich: American Museum of Natural History Southwest Field Station, Arizona (2006)
Megan Wallner: NSF REU, Madagascar. Primate research (2006)
Peter Midgley: Reserva Ecologica de Guapiacu, Brazil (2005)
Megan Wallner: Primate research in Uganda with Prof. Windfelder (2005)
Anne Cooney: Muzumbai Forest Reserve, Tanzania, research (2000)
Anne Patterson: “Tropical Ecology” semester, OTS, Costa Rica (2000)
Kelly Nilan, Shoals Marine Lab, Isle of Shoals, Maine (1999)
Jen Wollenberg: “Marine Pollution”, Bermuda Biological Station (1998)
Gretchen Ulrich: Shoals Marine Lab, “Wetlands” and “Marine Pollution” (1998)
Janine Calabro: New England Aquarium, Boston (1997)
Dena Pedynowski: “Ecology of Galapagos Islands” through George Mason U (1997)
Nashat Latib: Lake Itasca Biological Station, Minnesota, coursework (1996)
Johanna Szillery: “Ecology of amphbians and reptiles”, Itasca Biological Station, MN (1995)
Susan Burnham: “Ecology of amphbians and reptiles”, Itasca Biological Station, MN (1995)
Kate Gilroy: “Kalahari Conservation & Ecology,” SIT, Botswana (semester) (1994)
Ramzi Al-Kass: “Marine Pollution,” Shoals Marine Lab (1994)
Chris Blewett: “Ecology of Killer Whales,” SFS, San Juan Islands (1993)
Becky Bishop: “Tropical Cloud Forest Ecology, SFS, Costa Rica
Sonyal Pandya: “Tropical Deforestation,” SFS, Queensland, Australia (1992)
Heidi Smith: “Coastal Ecology and Bioclimates,” Shoals Marine Lab (1992)
Lisa Vogler: “Humpback Whale Ecology,” SFS, Coastal Maine (1991)
Rachel Giotta: “Biological Ilustration, Shoals Marine Lab (1991)
Debbie Cummings: “Biological Ilustration, Shoals Marine Lab (1990)
Heidi Schulz, “Ethnobotany,” SFS, Ecuador (1990)
Wendy Wagner: “Tropical Species Diversity,” SFS, Australia (1988)
Denise O’Grady: “Biology & Behavior: Bottlenose Dolphin,” SFS, Gulf Coast (1987)
Lisa Schlotterhausen: “Biology & Behavior: Bottlenose Dolphin,” SFS, Gulf Coast (1987)

Baldwin Award
Peter Midgley 2006
Andrea Tavlan 2005
Holly Kuzmiak 2004

Beta Beta Beta Convention Awards

Brooks Award
Cory Krediet 2006
Emily Fischer 2006
Michelle Gune 2005
Elia Tait 2005
Samantha van Horne 2001
Airaj Fassuidan 1999
Tarun Bhalla 1999
Chris Capitini 1998

Poster Award
Diego Rieno 2001
Christy Jo Geraci 1999
Allison Froelich 1999
Kristen Newman 1998