Opportunies Beyond the Classroom

Drew students of the biological sciences all have access to opportunities beyond beyond the traditional classroom: research with professors or RISE scientists, academic internships, off-campus study, and involvement with the biology student organization, the Tri-Beta Honor Society. (Definitely check out the Tri Beta website!).

A lighter note about biology at Drew….

Inspired by Prof. Christina McKittrick
(after reading a few too many Dr. Seuss books to her son)

(in the style of Dr. Seuss…)

Oh! The wonderful things a person can do
If he or she studies Biology at Drew.

She can learn about insects and things that go “Buzz”.
He can pick up a bone and fine out what it was.

He can measure the chemicals found in the brain.
She can learn the effects of things dumped down the drain.

She can learn about creatures that live in the water,
See ’em down in Belize if she things that she oughtter.

Research bacteria that infect a young turkey,
Find out why some movements are smooth, some are jerky.

She can look at small creatures with strong microscopes;
He can learn about research that lifts sick people’s hopes.

He can learn about microbes in health and disease.
She can study the illnesses carried by fleas.

She can follow the movement of blood in the heart.
He can study digestion and why beans make us *** (well, you do learn that…)

He can look in the sky and know if it’s a bird or a plane.
She can research what Alzheimer’s does to the brain.

She can study ecology in the Drew forest.
How AIDS adversely affects the weakest and poorest.

He can study genetics and how genes are mapped;
Learn evolution and how we adapt.

She can study the energy production in plants.
He can study the intricate societies of ants.

He can explore the components that make up a cell:
Mitochondrion, membrane, cytoplasm, organelle.

She can study some monkeys that live in Peru;
How changes in resources affect what they do.

Oh! The wonderful things a person can do
If he or she studies Biology at Drew.
And all these opportunities are open to YOU!