Duplicating Services.


Duplicating Services

Duplicating Services has a wide variety of functions, including copying and producing bound, taped and stapled booklets for faculty, as well as campus mailings.

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Q: Can duplicating services produce course readers for me?
A: Duplicating services can create bound copies for faculty members.

Q: Can I organize a campus-wide mailing through duplicating?
A: Yes. You can request labels from Administrative Computing, located in Pepin Services Building Room 210, which you can then provide to duplicating to affix on your copies.  They will then distribute the copies to mail services.

Q: Will duplicating deliver large copy jobs for me?
A: No, but there are several distribution options. You can request that duplicating give the copy job to mail services when it’s completed, if it is intended to be delivered to campus mailboxes. You can also contact Facilities at x3510 and request that they deliver the copy job to your office.

Q: What is the time-frame I should allow for duplicating projects?
A: Duplicating services usually completes projects quickly.  However, you should allow at least 2 days for big jobs or for those requested at busy times.