Hi Grad students. It’s been a couple month since my last conferences update. Here are a few conferences in NY and PA with proposal deadlines in January. So if you see one that looks interesting, go ahead and finish your semester courses first, then whip out an abstract over the break. I’ve also added these conferences to the “Upcoming Conferences” thread in the forums.  https://community.drew.edu/showthread.php?p=17594#post17594

Gabriel Ertsgaard

Graduate Student Association, Arts & Letters Convener


Stony Brook University 2014 Graduate Conference: “Bonds” March 1, 2014 – Manhattan, NY

Call for Proposals: 10 January 2014


“The Body of America, the Health of America: Taking the Pulse of American Culture”
Annual Conference of the Eastern American Studies Association 

March 28-29, 2014 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Call for Proposals: January 10, 2014


33rd Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide

April 2-4, 2014 – Millersville, PA

Call for Proposals: January 15, 2014


Wilson College Humanities Conference
Humanity 2.0? 

February 15, 2014 – Chambersburg, PA

Call for Proposals: January 10, 2014