Eco-Reps will be kicking off Drew it in the Dark by tabling at the bottom of the Commons on Thursday during Lunch and Dinner! Stop by the bottom of the commons on the Thursday the 24th to pledge how you are going to participate and help your complex and receive a FREE Drew it in the Dark Tee-Shirt. Don’t know what Drew it in the Dark is or how to get involved? All you have to do is reduce your waste consumption and you are already helping out.

Drew it in the Dark is going to begin on the 24th and run until the 15th of November and the complex with the highest rate of waste reduction is going to win a Pizza Party. Last year Asbury was victorious while two years ago was McLendon, you never know who is going to win!

To check the current hour polls by signing on here:

Also look for future programs in your complexes!

Any questions? you may email Ben Schaefer (, Tina Notas (, or your complex Eco-Rep