Dear Faculty and Staff,

Facilities and Public Safety is formalizing the policy on student card
access to campus buildings other than their residential assignments.  This
would include student workers for administrative and academic departments
as well as student clubs.  In the past some access was granted for the
semester and some for the entire year.  As of now, all student access will
be granted for one semester at a time.  This means that at the beginning of
each semester, any faculty/staff managing students who need building access
should submit a work order via the online work order system with a list of
students names and what access they should be granted.  All accesses will
be shut off at the end of the semester so if there are any students working
over breaks or beyond the move-out date for undergraduate students, a work
order will need to be submitted to update the access.

We realize that this might be an added step for some people and we
appreciate your understanding the necessity for this security procedure.

Thank you

Drew Departments of Facilities and Public Safety