Previous Awardees

The Theological School Distinguished Service Award recognizes unique or exemplary leadership in the church or particular extension ministry; honors those whose service to the community and/or world is noteworthy; and to acknowledges Drew Theological School as the foundational preparation for the individual’s leadership and service.


In order to be considered for the award, a nominee must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an alum of the Theological School
  2. Give evidence of unique or exemplary leadership in the church, with particulars which define that leadership as unique or exemplary
  3. Have recommendation from superiors or associates which help to define characteristics of leadership style, and attitudes and avenues of service in and to local community, and/or the world community
  4. Have a continuing connection to Drew through tangible support, referral of prospective students, participation in alumni events, or mentoring Drew students.

Nominations may be submitted to the Nominating Committee of the Drew Theological Alumni Association Executive Board or by filling out this form:

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