Support full-impact learning.

Drew has long been recognized as a school where every student is known and every professor dedicated to teaching. The average class at Drew has just 17 students, and 100% of classes are taught by professors.

This kind of high-impact education is expensive to provide, but tuition doesn’t begin to cover what Drew spends for faculty compensation, academic programs, and campus infrastructure. The Annual Fund provides the resources needed to offer the kind of educational experience that is fundamental to Drew’s reputation.

Enhance the Drew name.

The percentage of graduates who make a charitable donation to Drew each year, known as alumni participation, is one statistic used by prospective students and potential funders to evaluate the strength and spirit of the university:

  • Corporations and foundations want to know how many graduates support Drew before they will consider awarding a grant. It is an indication of alumni commitment to the university that means their additional investment is worthwhile.
  • Alumni participation is seen as a measure of satisfaction in the university, and sends a signal to prospective new students that they may also have a rewarding experience at Drew.

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