The longevity and strength of a forest can be measured by counting the consecutive rings of its member trees, a process that is known as dendrochronology. Drew’s forest is no exception; here the rings are the dedicated alumni, parents and friends who sustain its growth year after year.

The Dendros Society recognizes Drew’s most loyal donors for their consistent support:

Cambium Club for giving five to nine consecutive fiscal years

Heartwood Club for giving for ten or more consecutive fiscal years

Dendros Society members receive special recognition among Drew’s most prominent donors in the annual Honor Roll of Donors report.

Meet Rob and Susan Potanovich, who are among Drew’s most loyal supporters as members of the Dendros Society >

Dendros Society membership is transformative.

Cardoni_Spring11__MG_3148Every year you make a donation, you are counted as one of Drew’s donors.  The number of graduates who make donations, known as alumni participation, is considered an indicator of the university’s strength by potential students and funders. Last year, more than 70% of all donors were Dendros Society members.

What is more, your gifts over time, along with those of other members, really add up – over $19.3 million over the last five years.  That goes a long way in providing student scholarships, innovative programs and an inviting campus.


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