Frequently Asked Questions

What does is mean when I can’t sign up online and my account needs to be manually entered to verify information?

Some alumni records have been purged of the social security numbers and replaced with another numeric code. Unfortunately, the security of DREWnet’s system requires a social security number in order to set up the accounts online. Alumni who contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations will be assisted using this numeric code and go through the same process for setup.

I am signed-up… Now what?

First, take a look at your own information. Make sure it is up to date and visible to the public. This helps alumni search for you and for you to search for alumni.

Where is everybody?

DREWnet is an opt-in community. Alumni must sign up and make themselves visible in order to be searched through the directory.

Fortunately, every day alumni are joining DREWnet and getting connected to the university and each other. Encourage your Drew friends and classmates to join the community. The more alumni who are a part of DREWnet, the more DREWnet can help alumni.

What does an account give me that I didn’t already have?

By having a DREWnet account, you have access to secured sites such as Class Notes, the Alumni Directory, Transcripts and your Drew email.

Using your DREWnet account also shortens the online registration and payment process when signing up for events and/or making a gift to your alma mater.