Kyle O’Neill C’12

When I first came to Drew, I had no idea what I wanted to study.  After becoming friends with the professors in the science department, there was no turning back!  I chose my major as environmental science and signed up for the education program.  This choice of majors was incredibly challenging to complete, but Drew’s excellent student:teacher ratio has given me the opportunity to be a name and not a number.  I was also able to spend time developing my skills as an artist with the encouragement of several art professors.  The ability to expand one’s horizons across multiple departments has made it clear to me that a liberal arts education is full of excellent opportunities. Drew sports have also been a wonderful experience.  I have been playing baseball for all four years and enjoyed every part of it.  The faculty and the athletic staff worked to make sure I was able to perform well, both academically and athletically.  We are off to a great start this season and I have high hopes for a playoff berth! Drew provided me with the best education, athletics and social environment I could ever have asked for.  I know that I am ready […]

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Diana Ortiz C’12

Hometown: Newark, NJ Major: double-major in Economics and Art minor in French Off-Campus Experiences: Drew Wall Street Semester in New York Drew Contemporary Art Semester in New York Drew International Seminar in Dubai on “Global Business in the United Arab Emirates” Internship at the Securities & Exchange Commission in New York Semester at the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy Honors: Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honors Society for Economics Pi Delta Phi French Honors Society Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society for EOF students Extracurricular: former treasurer and current member of L’association francophone technical assistant in the Korn Gallery  of the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts at Drew Goals: Get a job in investment banking in Latin America Attend graduate school for international business

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Each year since graduation, we appreciate our Drew education more and more. We think about the extraordinary professors who really cared about challenging us to succeed. We recognize that opportunities like DIS, Ranger teams, and DUDS helped us grow as people and build lasting friendships. In so many ways, Drew prepared us for graduate school, for our careers and for life. Through our work with the alumni association, we have come to realize that our education was made possible, not only by the professors and professionals at Drew, but also by the alumni who came before us. You see, the tuition that Drew takes in doesn’t cover what it spends each year to provide the kind of education we received. Think about it – we weren’t one of hundreds of students in a lecture hall. We had seminars and labs where our professors knew our names and we had a chance to participate. That kind of education is costly, but – we believe – priceless. How, then, does Drew make ends meet? Donations from alumni, and others, to The Fund for Drew help make up that difference between tuition revenue and annual expenditures. As a result, Drew is able to […]

Coming Full Circle

In December 1959, the Port Authority announced plans to construct a jetport in the marshlands between Chatham and Harding Township. Helen Fenske had a different vision. She led a grassroots movement that resulted in the creation, by an act of Congress in 1960, of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. Fifty years later Kyle O’Neill C’12 served as an intern at the Raptor Trust, a wild bird rehabilitation center located in the Great Swamp, and his internship completes the circle. Kyle O’Neill was able to spend last summer in hands-on work at the trust, including caring for a nest of birds from the time they hatched until their release into the wild, because he was the 2010 recipient of the Helen C. Fenske Internship at Drew University. In 2006 Drew University launched an academic major in Environmental Studies and Sustainability, pulling together a range of disciplines as seemingly disparate as economics and ecology. ESS majors explore Earth’s global life-support systems and opportunities for sustainable practices. Experiential learning, such as an internship, is integral to this major. Internships provide opportunities for students to develop their skills and gain real world experience. However, many undergraduates need to take jobs during winter and […]