Alumni Seminar & Tour

July 14-28, 2014

Visitors to the modern nation of Ghana may visit Elmina and Cape Coast castles to see and hear about the connection of the West African coastline to the Middle Passage. What they may never see are the long distances from the point of capture and sale to the coast for the final exit. This 14-day seminar and tour, “Roots,” will take participants to several of the sites of capture, encampment and sale. We retrace, to some extent the long and painful journeys and of the captives from Northern Ghana to the coast. These sites include Gwollu, Salaga, Pinkoro, Kumasi, and Assin-Manso. Side attractions on this trip include a visit to Kakum National Park where a canopied walkway allows visitors to walk along the tree line to view various wild species of birds and animals, and Bonwire, home of the famous Kente cloth. The seminar will be taught by Pan-African Studies Program faculty, Professor E. Obiri Addo. For more information contact Lillie Edwards ( or E. Obiri Addo (