ReunionersAlumni of the College of Liberal Arts have a long-standing tradition of reuniting in “the Forest” each year to reconnect with their Drew roots. In 2007 this tradition moved from the spring to autumn as part of a five-year experiment to combine Ranger Reunion and Alumni Reunion into one September weekend.

Earlier this year, the Reunion Task Force of the College Alumni Association conducted an exhaustive survey of over 15,000  alumni so they could share their reasons for attending (or not), how they wanted to get information about the event and their preference for timing.

59 percent of the respondents indicated a preference for a late May or early June event. Their reasons included weather, fewer work and personal conflicts and the ability to stay on campus. Based on this information, the College Alumni Association has recommended the return to a spring event beginning in 2014 and university administration supports this change.

Given the timing of the study, planning was already underway for the alumni who graduated in a year ending with “3” or “8” so they will still celebrate their reunion October 3–6, 2013.

Classes ending with a “4” or “9” will celebrate their anniversaries next spring, the weekend of May 30-31, 2014.  More information on that event will be available in the months ahead.

In the meantime, keep your email address up-to-date (and encourage your friends to also) since over 90 percent of the alumni who responded to the survey indicated that email was the preferred communication method so future communications will be largely online.

Thank you for participation in this survey and we look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Matthew Pacello ’96, President- College Alumni Association 
Marti Winer ’97, Vice President-College Alumni Association

P.S. Sincere thanks to the members of the Reunion Task Force whose efforts have enabled us to hear and be responsive to fellow alumni:

Thomas J. DiMartino ’96, Co-chair
Mark Schultz ’77, P’09, Co-chair
Christopher Canarelli ’01
Paul Silva ’98
Charles Biczak ’93


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