Vice President for Enrollment Management

Since coming to Drew a few months ago, I have been working to establish a comprehensive enrollment management system that is  designed to serve all three colleges of the university. Recruiting students of high quality is certainly a priority for all of us at Drew.  We are equally interested in enrolling students who will continue on at Drew to graduation and to active participation in the alumni community. To that end, a number of key initiatives are underway to help us develop a dialogue with future students, parents and influencers in the marketplace.

One of the most visible initiatives is the Full-Impact Learning framework, developed by our Communications Department, which serves as the basis for all promotional materials.  Full-Impact Learning describes the unique Drew experience of a close-knit campus and plentiful opportunities for hands-on learning, and helps prospective students understand the value of a liberal arts education in the 21st century.

Another example of the effort to reach out and build lasting relationships is the new format for Admissions visit days.  Our new “Full-Impact Weekends” allow prospective students and their families to get to know Drew in a more personal way.  There are more opportunities to visit campus and interact directly with faculty and students in the gorgeous new Ehinger Center.  They can take customized tours of campus and have a chance to meet  individually with members of the Admissions office.  This helps students get the information they need to make informed decisions and, we believe, will increase the number of students choosing to enroll at Drew.

At the heart of our efforts to develop lasting relationships are the people at Drew. This past summer, we welcomed a number of new staff members to the enrollment management team to complement a group of dedicated professionals who have been serving the office for many years. While there are strategies to be developed and carried forward, and systems and structures to be built, there is nothing more fundamental to success than building a strong and productive team.

I have come to Drew with great optimism that I can add sustainable value to the institution and to build on the decades of work carried out by previous generations. I have already had the pleasure of meeting many people in the Drew community, and my family and I have felt welcomed. I look forward to meeting many more of you over the years to come and to celebrate the great achievements that are certain to be part of the university’s future.

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