Chief Communications Officer

How would you describe the value of a Drew education to a prospective undergraduate student? Would you talk about your favorite faculty and the worlds they helped you explore or would you focus more practically on the skills you gained and use on a daily basis? Would you talk about the impact Drew had on you as a person or, perhaps, the opportunities you had to give back and make a difference in the world? What exactly is Drew all about?

The need to answer this question is real. Last spring, we asked an applicant why she had declined her admission to Drew. “It was hard to put my finger on the soul of the place,” she said in what’s been an oft-heard refrain.

Later this month, the university will launch a major new marketing effort to ensure that prospective students get a clear sense of the Drew experience through their college search process. Whether they come to campus or only visit our website, they will know who we are and what we deliver.

The messaging promises “full-impact learning”—learning that is both joyful and practical. Learning to better ourselves as we better society. The story is organized into five chapters: Why You Learn, What You Learn, How You Learn, Where You Learn and When You Graduate. It will be reflected in both a new website for the College and in a series of recruitment publications.

This work is the realization of one of the four goals in our strategic plan—to strengthen our identity and better position the university. In the coming months and years, other goals in the plan will guide our efforts as we seek to innovate and build within this full-impact framework. We look forward to sharing these advances with you as well.

Full-impact learning will make its debut on or about August 22. My hope is that when you see the new website or print materials, you feel they are authentic to your own experience in the Forest and that we’re telling the Drew story the way you would tell it.

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