Drew Theological School Needs You.

To be more precise, theological education needs you.

As I’m sure you know, theological education has increasingly come under attack during the past several years. Many of the “mega-churches,” for instance, are now training their own clergy, convinced that this apprentice style of learning is superior to the pedagogical approach found in most divinity schools and seminaries.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with providing future pastors and ministers with experiences in real-world church contexts. Indeed, it is necessary. And Drew Theological School has long prided itself on the many opportunities it offers students to develop the wide-ranging, practical pastoral skills needed to serve congregations and communities. We thus remain committed to not just sustaining but enhancing and expanding our already-innovative supervised ministry and pastoral internship programs as well as – for all alumni/ae like you – our lifelong learning initiatives.

Yet, as you also know and have no doubt experienced, the curriculum of theological formation found at Drew is also essential to leading a community. The ability to navigate and communicate complex theological, moral, and spiritual concepts – an ability acquired through conversations with faculty and fellow students in classes on systematic theology, church history, preaching, pastoral care, and biblical exegesis – is invaluable. How many times have you been challenged to help someone struggling with his or her belief in God? How often have you been asked to explain why bad things happen to good people? How often are you asked to comfort those who are mourning or in pain? It is at times such as these that, I hope, you turn to the excellent theological education you received at Drew.

And that is why Drew needs you now more than ever.

Please consider making your gift to Drew Theological School today, as a sign of your commitment to – and enduring faith in – theological education. Your support will enable us to keep giving the gift of theology and ministry to all those called to serve God’s people, the church, and the world.

Grace and peace,

Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, Ph.D. 關嘉仁博士

Dean and Professor of Hebrew Bible

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