Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration

Archaeological/Historical Visit to the Holy Land

May 22 – June 2


Professors Herbert Huffmon and Carl Savage invite you to join us in a 12-day visit/study course under the auspices of the Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration.  We will visiting archaeological and historical sites in Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank.

The inclusive cost, apart from lunches, will be ca. $3,600 (double occupancy).  We are actively negotiating for the best airfares.

Academic credit is available by transfer from the Jerusalem Institute.

Both Dr. Huffmon and Dr. Savage have led previous trips to the Holy Land, and we are joining together for the first Drew trip to the Holy Land of the last several years.  Dr. Huffmon has excavated at various sites in Jordan and the West Bank, including Peetra; Dr. Savage has excavated at various sites in Galilee, especially Bethsaida, and in the Qumran area.  We are eager to share our experience of the sites and the land with you.

Prompt response, if interested, is essential, as the list will be closed about the end of February.

For the details of the itinerary, concentrating on the Jerusalem area and the Galilee, while including Qumran, Caesarea, Jerash and Petra, e-mail Professor Huffmon (  or Professor Savage (

Schedule of Events / Additional Information

Course: 12-Day Study Tour in Jordan/Israel/West Bank

Dates:  May 22 (Tuesday) through June 2 (Saturday)

This program is designed as an introductory study course interrelating the Scripture with Biblical geography, archaeology, and history.  Interpretive lectures while on the bus, at the sites, or at the hotels, will be a daily feature along with the visits to Biblical and historical sites.  The focus is on the Biblical tradition in its archaeological, geographical and cultural setting.

The schedule is intended to allow a maximum of visits to a variety of sites, while taking up only one Sunday.

Instructors: Dr. Herbert Huffmon (Old Testament specialist), has excavated at several sites in Israel/West Bank and Jordan, including Petra.  Dr. Carl Savage (New Testament specialist), has extensive excavation experience in Galilee, especially Bethsaida,  and the Qumran area.

Academic credit can be arranged.

NB – Sequence of visits subject to adjustment to fit local conditions (weather, open hours, etc.)..  The precise sequence is illustrative and requires adjustment to fit with efficient travel routes.

DAY 1, Tuesday, May 22

Late evening departure from JFK through to Amman, Jordan

DAY 2, Wednesday, May 23

Late afternoon arrival at Amman airport; transfer to hotel in Amman for dinner and brief orientation

Overnight:  Amman

DAY 3, Thursday, May 24

Visiting Mt. Nebo (the church and its mosaics), with its view of  the Promised Land, then crossing the Jordan River and entering Israel/the West Bank, for visits to Qumran and Jericho

[Time permitting, a walk from the Jericho-Jerusalem road to the Monastery of St George of Koziba in the Wadi Qilt]

Overnight:  Jerusalem

DAYS  4-5, Friday, May 25, and Saturday, May 26

On these two days we will visit the Herodion and Bethlehem (Church of the Nativity);  The Mount of Olives (Bethphage Church); the view over the Old City; proceed to the Dominus Flevit chapel, the Garden of Gethsamene, and the Church of All Nations; Enter the Old City through St. Stephen’s Gate, visiting the crusader Church of St. Anne, the Pool of Bethesda, the Lithostratos (illustrating the way to the cross), and on to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which commemorates the execution, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We will also visit the Wailing (Western) Wall, the excavations in the Jewish Quarter, and the temple mount (Dome of the Rock; Al-Aqsa Mosque)

Overnights:  Jerusalem

DAY 6, Sunday, May 27

Early morning visit to Gethsemane (prayers & reflection); then drive on to visit Caesarea Maritima (Drew excavations), Megiddo, Sepphoris (Zippori), and Nazareth

Overnight:  Tiberias

DAYS  7-8, Monday, May 28, and Tuesday, May 29

Visits in Galilee will include various traditional sites, such as the Mt. of Beatitudes and Tabgha (teaching and miracles of Jesus), also Capernaum (churches, synagogue) and Hazor; perhaps Tel Dan and Baniyas);. also Bethsaida, some of the early synagogues in Galilee (e.g., Beit Alpha); sites such as Hippos/Susita, Kursi, and a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

Overnights:  Tiberias

DAY 9, Wednesday, May 30

Visiting in Galilee, stopping at a Jordan River site, and crossing over into Jordan to visit Jerash (Gerasa), the great Roman/Byzantine Decapolis city

Overnight:  Amman

DAY 10, Thursday, May 31

Visits to Madaba (the famous early mosaic map of the Holy Land) and Kerak, with its classic Crusader Castle, then on to Petra

Overnight:  Petra

DAY 11, Friday, June 1

Visit to Petra, the beautiful and unique Nabataean/Roman/Byzantine site, famously described as “The rose-red city half as old as time,” sculpted from the mountains of Edom, followed by a return to the hotel for clean-up and a Farewell Supper; then on to the Amman airport area.

Overnight:  Amman

DAY 12, Saturday, June 2

Transfer to the Amman airport; morning departure for the return to JFK

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