Each year since graduation, we appreciate our Drew education more and more. We think about the extraordinary professors who really cared about challenging us to succeed. We recognize that opportunities like DIS, Ranger teams, and DUDS helped us grow as people and build lasting friendships. In so many ways, Drew prepared us for graduate school, for our careers and for life.

Through our work with the alumni association, we have come to realize that our education was made possible, not only by the professors and professionals at Drew, but also by the alumni who came before us. You see, the tuition that Drew takes in doesn’t cover what it spends each year to provide the kind of education we received. Think about it – we weren’t one of hundreds of students in a lecture hall. We had seminars and labs where our professors knew our names and we had a chance to participate. That kind of education is costly, but – we believe – priceless.

How, then, does Drew make ends meet? Donations from alumni, and others, to The Fund for Drew help make up that difference between tuition revenue and annual expenditures. As a result, Drew is able to offer substantial scholarship support to students. That is as true today as it was when each of us was a student. These days almost 58% of undergrads with financial need get scholarships, and another 39% of highly qualified students get merit scholarships – Drew gave a total of $27 million in aid from its own resources last year alone.

Since The Fund for Drew is so important, we hope you will consider making a gift this year. Your continued giving will make sure that the next class of students gets the same opportunity of a lifetime that we enjoyed.


R. Camper Bull C’91

President, College Alumni Association

Sigourney H. Giblin C’06

Vice President, College Alumni Association