I am pleased to pass along “a word from” the Board of Trustees of Drew University. All constituents, including trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, students, parents, and friends of Drew, are stakeholders in the University. You are a stakeholder in Drew, and in recognition of this, I am happy to share a view inside from the Trustee perspective.

You may be wondering what the role of the Board is. Basically, the Trustees are responsible as fiduciaries to ensure proper stewardship of and accountability for funds; to hire, evaluate and support the President of Drew; and to engage in meaningful discussion in order to establish a strategic roadmap for the University.

Along the lines of these responsibilities, as examples, in the last year the Board has approved the decision to completely renovate the University Center in order to enrich campus life as well as to enhance student recruitment. The Board has also approved launching a comprehensive campaign that will secure funding for the University’s highest priorities, including the endowment since this is a major source of financial stability for any institution. We are currently in, what is known as, the quiet phase of this campaign during which time we are building the base from which to publicly launch the campaign in about two years.

Who are the Trustees? Our current Board is comprised of 41 individuals from various backgrounds, including graduates who represent classes from the 50’s through the 90’s and all three schools. These individuals come from industry, the public arena, philanthropy, and the clergy. Each brings his or her unique talents and view points to the dialogue and decision making process. Ours is a very committed and engaged Board.

All of higher education, including Drew, is faced with many challenges, not the least of which is the current economic environment. This has been a challenging, yet exciting, time to be a Trustee. Although it appears that the economy is gradually improving, the impact of the recession will continue to influence us for some time yet. We are very pleased, however, that our record-breaking first year class in the College of Liberal Arts indicates that we are headed in the right direction programmatically.

The Board is confident that Drew is up to the challenges it faces. I encourage you, as a stakeholder, to partner with us in looking out for alma mater. Whatever the future holds, I can say unequivocally that without your support and involvement, there would be no Drew.


John H. Crawford, III T’65
Chair, Board of Trustees

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