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Several weeks ago, I was walking through campus and watching a group of prospective students following their tour guide. One of the parents commented on what a lovely campus this was. That comment got me thinking about what an incredible opportunity we had and still have at this University.


As the newly elected officers of the College Alumni Association, we are starting to take a new look at Drew. How can we be engaged with the University, perhaps in some new creative ways? I now think of my engagement as the 3P’s.



Whether one lives near or far from the University, there are always opportunities for presence. It might be attending Homecoming, visiting old friends and seeing how much the dorms have changed, not to mention, much of the campus, or participating in a local event and networking with area alumni who may or may not be like-minded, but who certainly share a common experience. Other opportunities include Alumni College, reminding us of the wonderful academic preparation we received and reconnecting us with our favorite faculty. For a real treat during Homecoming, I would encourage everyone to attend the Alumni Achievement Awards to see what spectacular experiences and contributions some of our peers have achieved.



There are many ways we, as alumni, can help current students and the University. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to sign up to be a mentor. Maybe your company could use an intern; there are many good students who would really appreciate the information and your support as part of their education. No matter where you live, the Admissions DART program could always use volunteers to help at college fairs or interview local students interested in Drew. There are many other ways to participate at Drew, not the least of which is to volunteer to serve on one of the various committees of the College Alumni Association.



We, as alumni, have the responsibility to carry on the legacy. In these trying economic times, it’s important to continue to support our University. Even a small gift will make a difference, and for you, that might begin a tradition of giving. None of us could have gone to Drew without generations of friends and donors who preceded us. Now we, in turn, can help guarantee a Drew education for future generations. The story and fame of Drew is spreading and that makes our University education all the more valuable.


As I start this new position, the people who have been a part of Drew always astound me. I look forward to meeting many of you at various events in the near future. And I ask you to remember Drew through…


Your Presence, Your Participation and Your Philanthropy.


R. Camper Bull C’91
College Alumni Association


For additional information on ways to get involved, visit the alumni website at www.drew.edu/alumni or call the Office of Alumni Relations at (973) 408-3229.


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