The Joint Affirmative Action – Equal Employment Opportunity Committee is comprised of faculty, administrators, and staff.

  • We represent the conscience of the University in confronting discrimination, and addressing issues having to do with race, sex, gender, ageism, ethnicity, and disability.
  • We help implement affirmative action programs and policy.
  • We work with the Human Resources Department in addressing equal employment opportunity issues and concerns.
  • We work with the Dean of Campus Life and Student Affairs with a focus on addressing human rights policy, issues, and concerns.
  • We celebrate the human spirit through our support of the work of Drew University’s Diversity committee and campus groups that value diversity.

Human Rights Violations

If you feel you (or someone you know) have been subjected to acts of discrimination based on your gender, race, color, age, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation – or if you become aware of situations in which the University’s acknowledged sensitivity to, and support of, multiculturalism, diversity, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action are violated, report your concern to the University Affirmative Action Officer (UAAO) or a member of the JAA- EEOC who may assist you in making contact with the UAAO.

Other Options: You may report your concerns to the Director of Human Resources or the Dean of Campus Life and Student Affairs.

You have the right to file a complaint with the UAAO if:

  1. You feel you have been discriminated against by another student or by a member of the faculty, administration, or staff, or
  2. You feel the University itself (or some office, program, procedure, or facility) is not in compliance with the University’s affirmative action policy or state or federal laws.

You can discuss your complaint with the UAAO. Complaints against the University itself, or its offices, programs, procedures, or facilities, are investigated by the UAAO and members of the Joint Affirmative Action – Equal Employment Opportunity Committee.

Celebrating Diversity

If you would like to share information regarding specific groups or inquire about specific groups, please go to our Multicultural Group Concerns page.

Drew University has two Affirmative Action Committees– a Faculty Affirmative Action Committee, and  a Staff Affirmative Action Committee.  The committees also deal with equal employment opportunity issues in consultation with the Director of Human Resources, and other members of the Human Resources department. The JAA-EEOC was formed as a result of this collaboration.