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To: Faculty, Administration and Staff
From: Russell E. Richey, Affirmative Action Officer
Date: March 16, 1979
Subject: Report on Affirmative Action

(An excerpt from the document)

Affirmative Action in staff hiring is cared for under existing personnel procedures as outlined in the Personnel Manual and is in the competence of Peggy Henry.  The faculty committee has spent time regularizing procedures for affirmative action in faculty hiring initially formulated by the deans.  Adopted by the deans and circulated to departmental chairs, these procedures are now operative.  They are adjusted to the normal sequences in hiring in the several schools and therefore vary slightly.  In general the following are required:

  • Notification to Affirmative Action Officer of anticipated search by Department Chair.
  • Faculty (Senate) Affirmative Action Committee appoints one of its members to serve as a counselor to department undertaking a search.
  • Counselor reviews job description, search procedures, applicant pools, and dossiers with department.
  • Affirmative Action officer authorizes final interviews based on compliance with affirmative action procedures.

The procedures presume commitment to a more inclusive faculty on the part of all involved, use existing channels, are aimed at encouraging the widest possible searches for the minority and female candidates, require no alteration of our employment standards, and assume that the Graduate School acts with the other two schools where appropriate.  The procedures are being followed in searches currently underway.  The Faculty (Senate) Affirmative Action Committee and all of us charged with advocating a more inclusive faculty and staff seek your assistance in finding ways towards that objective.  Suggestions and criticisms are welcomed.