Student Philanthropy Ambassadors.


Student Philanthropy Ambassadors

The collective support of our alumni, families and friends who give to Drew each year enriches the experience of our students. SPA is a group of student volunteers whose mission is to educate the entire community on the importance of philanthropy at Drew. We sponsor events and programming that promote awareness of donor support and express gratitude for the aspects of the Drew experience that are possible only through the generosity of others.

Our members advocate on behalf of the Office of University Advancement and represent Drew at donor and alumni events.

SPA celebrates National Philanthropy Day.

Drew SPA celebrated National Philanthropy Day on November 15, 2017 by decorating campus with quotes from donors about why they give to Drew. SPA also asked students trivia questions all relating to how philanthropy impacts the Drew experience.

Ehinger Center

February 20, 2018

Take some time to share who and what you're grateful for at Drew and learn how Drew's donors are behind all of those things!