Tuition Reset

Let's be clear—college tuition is too high.

So in fall 2018, we lowered our tuition by 20%.

*Drew is resetting the price of its tuition from $48,336 for 2017–18 to $38,668 for 2018–19.
**Private, nonprofit four year colleges and four year public colleges. Source: The College Board.
***Estimated for 2018–2019.
†2018–19 tuition at Drew University compared to 2017–18 tuition at schools that share an applicant pool with Drew.

A Note from Our President

Dear members of the Drew community,

Let’s be clear—college tuition is too high. So we’re lowering our tuition by 20%.

Our current published tuition price makes it seem as if the value of a Drew education is beyond the reach of many families. But the reality is that most students and families do not pay the full tuition price thanks to the generous financial aid that Drew offers. In 2018–19, we estimate that 72% of our students will receive need-based aid, and we will offer about $32 million in institutional grants and scholarships. Our average total financial aid award will be about $30,000 and the average scholarship or grant about $20,000.

The benefits of a Drew education are clear to our alums, our students, and our parents. Drew professors have real one-on-one mentoring relationships with students in the classroom and in the real world, our connections to the community and the region extend our classrooms, and our alums attend prestigious graduate schools and build successful careers.

The time has come for Drew to be clear about its tuition.

So let’s be clear. Effective for academic year 2018–19, Drew’s tuition will be lowered by 20%—about $10,000—narrowing the gap between the actual tuition charge and the amount many families pay. This move will make Drew’s true tuition, and our true value, more clear to more families.

For fall 2018–19, tuition will be $38,668 (before financial aid), down from $48,336 this year.

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