Parent to Parent.


Parent to Parent

No matter where your family is in the admissions process— just learning about Drew, recently admitted or a family who has made the decision to attend Drew— we feel that having the chance to learn the unfiltered story of life here on campus is an important opportunity. Here are a few Drew parents who can tell you about The Forest from their unique prospective. Use the form below to connect with any one (or a few) of the parents below. They will be happy to respond.

Maggie Dugan
Parent of Griffin Wood, C’21

Theater Major
Improv Club and That Medieval Thing
Delmar, NY

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I have seen an excitement to learn develop in Griffin that assures me that he made the right choice in choosing to attend Drew. The smaller student population has enabled him to be comfortable in where he is which has led to a new sense of confidence and maturity in him and has allowed Griffin to be successful both academically and socially. Griffin has utilized the academic center for excellence for his writing assignments for a number of classes and is earning excellent grades for his work.

At Drew, there is a strong sense of welcoming and concern for every student, they are not just a number. It becomes very apparent that Drew does not want the student to get lost in the academic shuffle from the moment they step on campus. Obvious steps are taken that are highly visible to the parent and student of opportunities and methods to allow the student to be academically successful. Griffin is enjoying meeting new friends in the Improv Club and That Medieval Thing, which is very unique to Drew. Drew’s proximity to Albany, NY where we live, and to NYC allows access to the strong internship program there. Griffin is majoring in Theater and location was critical when deciding which school he was going to attend. At Drew, he has the best of both worlds, a beautiful, safe campus not too far from home and close to so many opportunities in New York City.

Peggy Pascale
Parent of Brian Pascale C’19

Psychology Major
Basking Ridge, NJ

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Our son Brian chose Drew because he had such a warm welcome the first time he visited the campus. Drew was the 7th school he visited and he knew this was the right fit for him as soon as he was introduced to Drew at the Discover Drew Day. He attended the sessions, panel discussions and campus tour, which gave Brian a quick understanding that this school was different than the others. This school seemed to really care about each individual student. Brian had a strong interest in playing baseball for Drew and it didn’t hurt that he ran into the coach that day, too. The coach was informative and encouraging. As it turned out, Brian was a walk-on baseball player his Freshman year and has been a part of the team ever since. While his experience on the field has proven to be an amazing growing experience, he has received so much more from Drew. Going into his senior year and majoring in Psychology, Drew turned out to be a great fit for Brian because of its size (1700 undergrads) and its caring and accessible faculty. The professors are very accommodating, whether it be answering questions and providing guidance at any time of day, or understanding the schedule issues that sometimes arise during baseball season and helping Brian find a workaround. The proximity to New York that Drew stresses is, in fact, a really big deal for Brian — his access to both academics and social events makes a difference in his college experience. In his three years at Drew, Brian has grown to be a confident, independent young man with a great perspective on his future.

Nicole Kimble
Parent of Violet Kimble C’21

Major: Neuroscience Minor: Statistics
Cross Country/Film
Edison, NJ

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My daughter entered Drew as a shy and soft-spoken young lady and at Drew, she has found her voice. After watching Violet introduce her science research project to a panel of students and professors, I can see that she is flourishing into a confident, knowledgeable and skilled scientist.

The mentoring relationships between the students, faculty, and staff make Drew stand out among the other schools to which my child was accepted. Drew provides students with personal and professional relationships which lead to a positive college experience. Her relationships with the faculty and staff at Drew has made Drew a perfect fit for my daughter. It is not uncommon for my daughter to eat lunch with the President of the University (MaryAnn Baenninger) or the Senior Associate Director of College Admissions (Marybeth Tamburro). As a rising sophomore, my daughter’s professor (Professor McKittrick) adjusted her professional and personal schedule to work one-on-one with Violet on a science research project. With mentoring relationships like this, I know Drew University is the best place for my daughter.

Drew’s Center for Academic Excellence has also helped my daughter maximize her academic potential. With free tutors and academic coaches, my daughter is a thriving college student.  She is able to manage running cross country while exploring her passion in film and the central location of Drew allows my daughter the opportunity to explore off-campus activities in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. with joy and excitement. Drew’s location in Madison, NJ makes Drew the perfect balance between city access and life in a safe, small town suburb.

Richard and Sharon Sutter
Parents of Charles C’16,
Pearl C’18, Robert C’21

International Relations Major (Charles)
Neuroscience Major (Pearl)
Microbiology Major (Robert)

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Each of our children has had a positive experience at Drew. All three have participated in the Baldwin Honors Program. Each finds the availability of the faculty, availability of the many clubs and offerings, and support of faculty and fellow students satisfying. They are involved in Rugby, fencing, Hillel, Pre-Health Society, Residence Hall Association, tour guides and club soccer. Charlie was enrolled in the London Semester and the UN semester. He is now in law school. He finds his preparation at Drew to be exceptional. Pearl is thrilled with the neuroscience program, was an intern in the Summer Sciences Institute, took first place at the Tribeta competition in California, and has been accepted to The University of Connecticut Medical School beginning Fall 2018. Robert plans to pursue a major in microbiology and chemistry and has his sights on a Ph.D. program post Drew. As a freshman he has participated in research in microbiology. Robert will also participate in the Summer Sciences Institute program this summer. Overall the small classes, numerous opportunities, faculty support and availability, and peer support have made Drew an excellent fit for my children.

Christie Burnett
Parent of Jordan Burnett C’19

Biochemistry and Microbiology Major

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We are from Prescott, Arizona, at the edge of the Prescott National Forest, with Ponderosa Pines, a few small lakes, and a lot of sun. Jordan is studying Biochemistry and Microbiology with a minor in Dance and is a Baldwin Honors Scholar, a Civic Engagement Scholar as well as a Resident Advisor. She hopes to apply to medical school, and is currently interning with a local hospital, and she hopes to participate in research on campus this summer. She is a busy gal who has been to New Orleans with a group from campus to help with a Habitat for Humanity project and hopes to go to the Dominican Republic with Drew this summer. We are so happy that Jordan has been able to be a part of a welcoming and active community while she is so far from home while still experiencing a rigorous curriculum with academic and career building opportunities. When we visited Drew, Jordan had decided that she was going to attend school in California, but our visit changed that. Even on a very rainy day in April, Jordan immediately felt welcomed and at home. The communication with the University has been excellent, thorough, consistent, and personal. Jordan is able to reside in a safe community with parks nearby and places to shop if she needs personal items. She can also hop on a train to New York City to see a show or go ice skating, things we cannot easily do in rural Arizona. While Jordan looks forward to coming home to family, open sky, sun, and pine trees, she equally looks forward to going back “home” to Drew to see her friends, continue with her studies and interests, and experience the support of faculty and staff at Drew.

Mike and Kathy Fouts
Parents of Davis Fouts C’19

Business Major

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From our perspective as parents, Drew set itself apart in two primary ways, the first of which was a strong academic experience with a great reputation and brand, as well as excellent ties and networks to the community. Additionally, Drew really made us, and our son, feel like the most important people on campus when we were there. It was more than the typical recruiting or open house process, Drew really wanted us to be a part of the university. With a daughter at Arizona State University, our son was interested in a smaller, more intimate environment that provided the feel of a small school and town, yet with access to all the resources of a metropolitan area. It’s been a great fit from every perspective including academics and athletics.

As parents not within driving distance, Drew’s location stood out for two primary reasons. First, the relative proximity and easy access of a major airport has made travel to and from Drew very reasonable. Second, we felt like the New York/New Jersey metro areas provide excellent opportunities, post-graduation with strong economies and an above average placement rate for Drew graduates. The proximity to NYC and the intern programs available in the city are definitely a big advantage over other schools and locations. Drew has given our son the ability to live on his own in a safe environment on a beautiful campus, to play baseball at the collegiate level and to begin building a network of friends and teammates that will hopefully last his entire lifetime.

John and Merris Hanntz
Parents of Cole Hanntz C’20

International Business Major with a Minor in Asian Studies
New Jersey

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Cole was approached by more than 20 schools with interest in recruiting for their men’s basketball programs from all three divisional levels.  Cole quickly realized that his best fit overall was Drew University as the one institution that would allow him to grow not only as a collegiate athlete but also as an international scholar.

During one of Cole’s visits to The Forest, he spent some time with Professor Di Bai and, having studied Mandarin throughout high school, enjoyed a lengthy discussion in both English and Chinese with her, which really helped sealed the deal.  Cole knew he wanted to play basketball for Coach Darryl Keckler, but equally important was his need to advance his international profile.  As important as playing basketball was to Cole, he recognized that his future was something to be created and not merely counted on. Drew Athletics quite proudly and intently promotes and insists upon the academic achievement of its players above all.  After meeting with Coach Keckler, and his staff, we (Cole and his family) understood that the team’s core values were ‘in line’ with our family goals and the achievements we hoped for Cole would be foremost without question.

Drew’s location is another key factor in Cole’s decision to attend this university.  Located only 45 minutes from our home and quite literally about the same travel time to reach the heart of the NY financial district, one cannot ignore the convenience and literal value this campus’ location provide for business students.

As a Freshman, Cole is still learning about the many ideal opportunities provided to Drew’s student population.  In fact, one of Cole’s prior AAU basketball coaches is currently studying for his Master’s Degree as a commuter student at Drew.  To be able to connect the dots, to see the potential Drew has to offer to students of all ilk, is humbling and exciting.

Candace Roper
Parent of Liam Ryan C’20

Theater major & Music Minor

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When we first visited Drew, I was immediately impressed with the beauty of the campus, the diversity of the student body and a very warm and welcoming reception, even before we arrived on campus. I work at a small liberal arts college and am fairly well versed in college life. Liam was more skeptical, as he was applying to conservatory programs and thought that was what he wanted. In the end, Drew made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and he decided to accept and come to The Forest.

Liam’s experience as a first-year at Drew has been great. As a Baldwin Honors scholar, he has taken an honors colloquium and seminar. He is taking Italian and enjoying it. He has had the opportunity to be cast as an actor and assistant musical director in a student-produced musical, he has been able to take voice lessons, to sing with an a cappella group, as well as with the Chorale and the Choral Union. He also was a part of the January NYC Short Trec, where he and other students participated in a staged reading/singing workshop of a new musical, by theater chair Chris Ceraso, alongside accomplished and even famous professional actors. A fantastic experience!

Drew’s campus is very peaceful and safe, and is an easy ride to NYC from the walkable train station in the charming town of Madison.

Parent to Parent