Information for Newly Admitted EOS Students


New EOS Students

The Educational Opportunity Scholars (EOS) Program, which also goes by the name Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), is a New Jersey state-funded program centered on the success of students. The Drew EOS office provides access for motivated state residents from underrepresented populations/areas that meet the income criteria and exhibit the potential for high achievement.

By providing academic intervention services, we work to help participants reach their full personal, intellectual, spiritual and academic potential.

EOS Summer Program

Drew's EOS Summer program is an immersive college readiness initiative to prepare you to enter a rigorous academic setting. You'll begin your college career early by taking two credit-bearing courses, familiarizing yourself with the various support services available at on campus, and establishing a sense of community among the EOS Class of 2023. Students are required to participate in this 5-week summer program. Students will live on campus for the duration of the summer program. Drew's EOS Summer program is offered at no cost to the participants.

Eligibility Verification

As a program funded in part by the state of New Jersey, newly admitted EOS students are required to submit several documents to confirm their eligibility to participate in the EOS program and receive the EOS State Grant. Students entering Fall 2019 should submit the following documents to the EOS Office:

Dependent Verification Form
Monthly Expenditure and Resource Statement
Untaxed Income and Additional Information Form
EOS Supplemental Form
Copy of Federal Income Tax Transcript for 2017
Copy of Federal Income Tax Transcript for 2018
Copies of all W2's from 2017
Copies of all W2's from 2018

Please complete these forms and return them via mail to:
Drew University
ATTN: EOS Office
36 Madison Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940