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For New Students

Now that you’ve decided to Launch Your Life here at Drew, it’s time for us to welcome you into our vibrant and diverse community! We’re excited to have you join us.

This spring, we’re hosting a number of virtual and on-campus (when possible) events to welcome the Class of 2024 and new transfer students. Discussions continue about on-campus events, which may be impacted by the quickly evolving coronavirus situation. If you register for an event, we will be sure to keep you informed of decisions affecting your plans to visit The Forest.

Submit Your Deposit

Make your deposit before the date shown on your admissions letter.

Join Us for an Admitted Student Experience

This spring, we're hosting a number of virtual and on-campus (when possible) events to welcome the Class of 2024 and new transfer students.

Enter the DREWniverse

Looking for the inside scoop on what life is like in The Forest? What's the best class? Are the tacos good on Tuesdays?

Dive into the DREWniverse to meet other admitted students, take our roommate matching quiz or ask current students the questions that just didn't get answered in the brochures.

Attend New Student Orientation

Before your classes begin, you’ll attend Orientation, a session designed to get you (and your family) comfortable here.

Submit Your Final Transcript

Submit your final transcript via the Common App or send it to:

Drew University
CLA Admissions
Wesley House
36 Madison Ave.
Madison, NJ 07940

Note: Laptop Required Beyond This Point

Learning is timeless, but our classes are cutting-edge. A laptop will help you enormously as you learn here (and thus is required). If you aren’t bringing your own, our Laptop Program will help you obtain one. Details are here!

Like almost all first-year students, I was worried about connecting with other students and how long it would take to feel comfortable around my new peers. From Orientation week activities to starting our self-selected Drew Seminars to spending the day in New York City with our classmates, at each stage I was given the opportunity to meet and interact with people who I wouldn't have had the chance to get to know otherwise. Having shared experiences has brought us closer together as a class and has really made the transition from high school to college much smoother than I initially anticipated. ”
Olivia Sznaza C'19