The Academic Standing Committee (ASC) in the College of Liberal Arts reviews petitions to the faculty for issues that fall outside of regular academic policy.

For 2014/15, the ASC is Comprised of the Following Individuals

  • Dean of the CLA Chris Taylor (or his representative)
  • Dean of Students Frank Merckx
  • Associate Dean for Academic Services- Judy Redling
  • Faculty Members – Andrew Elliott (chair), Julie Lantz, Hilary Kalagher and James Carter.
  • University Registrar – Leslie Sutton-Smith
  • Two Student Representatives

Students requesting an exception to academic rule must officially file a petition to the faculty. Students should submit a well-written and substantial document to support their request, and they should secure appropriate signatures/and or letters or support. Exceptions are not granted as a matter of course but are sometimes granted in the presence of unusual or extenuating circumstances. Thus, in their petition, student should give a clear explanation why the exception is warranted. Petitions must be filed in accordance with the dates below. Any supporting documents should be submitted to the Office of Academic Services (BC-114).

Petitions and workflows can be found here

(Note: all petitions and supporting data need to be received the day before meeting)

Meeting dates for Spring 2015 are:

January 30th

February 13th

February 27th

March 13th

April 10th

April 24th

May 8th

May 22nd