The Academic Standing Committee (ASC) in the College of Liberal Arts reviews petitions to the faculty for issues that fall outside of regular academic policy.

For 2014/15, the ASC is Comprised of the Following Individuals

  • Dean of the CLA Chris Taylor (or his representative)
  • Dean of Students Frank Merckx
  • Associate Dean for Academic Services- Judy Redling
  • Faculty Members – Andrew Elliott (chair), Julie Lantz, Hilary Kalagher and James Carter.
  • University Registrar – Leslie Sutton-Smith
  • Two Student Representatives
  1. Request for an extended incomplete (6 week maximum) (Initial incomplete requests link here)
  2. Request to withdraw from course after the end of the withdrawal period (Not to be used in cases where the incident / situation is perpetual)
  3. Late additions to a course after the end of the add/drop period
  4. Request to exceed credit limit restrictions
  5. Re-Entry Application after required leave or more than one year leave
  6. Grade Change Requests (Faculty Only)  From the Faculty Regulations: A grade that has been filed with the Registrar may be changed by the instructor in the course for which the grade is given only with the approval of the Committee on Academic Standing. (CLA 61-12, 75-52)

Other petitions and workflows can be found here

Students requesting an exception to academic rule must officially file a petition to the faculty. Students should submit a well-written and substantial document to support their request, and they should secure appropriate signatures/and or letters or support. Exceptions are not granted as a matter of course but are sometimes granted in the presence of unusual or extenuating circumstances. Thus, in their petition, student should give a clear explanation why the exception is warranted. Petitions must be filed in accordance with the dates below. Any supporting documents should be submitted to the Office of Academic Services (BC-114).

Meeting dates for Fall 2014 are:

(Note: all petitions and supporting data need to be received the day before meeting)

August 27th

September 12th

September 26th

October 10th

October 24nd

November 7th

November 21st

December 5th

December 19th