Voluntary Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

A leave of absence is occasionally advisable for any number of reasons—family emergency, financial distress, illness, etc. A student may leave for one or two semesters and return, or choose a different course of action. If you are considering such a break, talk it over with your academic adviser or an Associate Dean for Academic Services. You must fill out a leave-of-absence form which is available through Request a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal to avoid being billed for the following term. The form will be sent to the Associate Dean for Academic Services for an approval. Please make an appointment to discuss your request with the dean at 973-408-3327.


Students on a voluntary leave of absence who wish to return to Drew must fill out a re-entry form (at least one month prior to return).

Note: Re-entry to Drew after more than a year is subject to approval by the Academic Standing Committee.  In this case, you should submit the re-entry from approximately 3 months in advance.