Considerations for Students Intending to Major in the Arts

Most courses in Theatre and Dance require pre-requisites and pre-registration. Two weeks prior to registration, the Department holds an open majors meeting where any students interested in taking theatre courses in the coming semester, may sign up. Students who cannot attend the meeting are urged to contact the appropriate professor or Chris Ceraso, the chair of the Theatre and Dance Department, to have their names added to the course lists. Pre-registration does not guarantee a space in a class. When demand for a given class exceeds spaces available, priority will generally be given on the basis of year (from senior to first year) and academic commitment (major—minor—non-major).

Students interested in any particular area of theatre are encouraged to contact the appropriate member of the faculty.

Jim Bazewicz, Design Andrew Elliott, Theatre Tech
Lisa Brenner, Dramaturgy Dan LaPenta, Directing & Stage Management
Chris Ceraso, Acting, Department Chair Rosemary McLaughlin, Playwriting, Dance
Courses for Theatre Majors and Minors Courses for the Dance Minor