Policies & Procedures

  • Alternative testing procedures can be utilized only by students who have the accommodation approved by the Office of Accessibility Resources.  Students who are granted accommodations such as extended testing time, distraction-reduced testing, or use of a reader, scribe, or technology are eligible for Alternative Testing Services.
  • It is at the discretion of the faculty member to administer exams within the academic department.  If the faculty member cannot administer the exam either in class or within the department, exams can be administered by the Office of Accessibility Resources.
  • Eligible students are required to complete an exam administration form and take it to their professors a minimum of one week (seven days) prior to the test date.  The form is to be completed by the professor and then returned by the student to the Office of Accessibility Resources at least 3 business days prior to the test date.  This form allows the students and professor to agree on possible dates and times for testing and gives our office the time to reserve testing rooms.  The test request form also outlines options for how the test will be delivered to the Office of Academic Services and returned to the instructor.
  •   Instructors may hand deliver the test to the Office of Academic Services (BC 114) or email the test to: proctor@drew.edu. Tests that are emailed are retrieved and placed into a sealed envelope with the student’s and professor’s names on the exterior.
  • Students must arrive on time to scheduled exams. Students who arrive late for their exam may take the test but will not be given time beyond that scheduled for the test.  The scheduled end time for the exam will remain the same.  Students are not allowed to take personal belongings into testing rooms.  A professor needs to specify on the test request form if the student is allowed to have certain notes, maps, books, or technology during test taking.  Students will be permitted to take the items specified by the professor into the testing room, but all other items must remain in the Office of Academic Services.
  • Completed examinations will be returned to the location designated by the professors.  Examinations may also be picked up in Brothers College room 114.
  • Testing room availability is limited.  All testing is by appointment only and must be scheduled no later than 72 hours prior to test time.  Testing may only be scheduled between the weekday hours of 9:00 am and 4:00pm.  Testing may occur with more than one student per room- only students who have been approved for distraction-reduced testing are guaranteed a private setting.
  • Students taking examinations with the Office of Academic Services are held to the same Drew University Standards of Academic Integrity.  Any violations of Academic Integrity will be reported.