Theatre Arts.


Theatre Arts

THEATRE ARTS explores the creative power inherent in conjuring a world on stage. We encourage you to wear as many hats as possible while you’re with us. You’ll graduate with skills in areas such as lighting, sound, stage design, playwriting, directing and choreography, stage management, technology and dramaturgy—as well as performance. This flexibility can help you get those first opportunities.

On Cue

Our majors take advantage of enriching internships near and far. Local opportunities include the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, a top professional company located right on our campus. Majors also intern in New York, Boston, Chicago, sometimes with fellowship assistance to help pay the way.

Our networking event, The Big Schmooze, is a chance for prominent graduates to come back and talk about life after Drew. There’s some noshing, some schmoozing, people exchange cards and phone numbers—lots of great connections. Even well-established alumni 10 to 15 years out are eager to help current students.

Recent graduates have gone on to Improv Boston, earn Masters in Teaching Theater, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Scholarship in the Arts

Students who excel in the arts, may elect apply for the Drew Scholarship in the Arts and submit samples of work. Areas of concentration include visual art, music, theatre arts.

Students awarded the Scholarship in the Arts receive an annual award of $2,500 ($10,000 over four years). This award is in addition to any academic merit awards received.

Clowning is a very particular kind of theater centered around the idea of physical manifestation, rather than an intellectual approach. It is such a mercurial way of acting. I love it. ”
Caitlin Aase C’12
on Clowning

Go on the Road

Consistent with our mission to provide out-of-classroom experience seldom found elsewhere, Drew students are encouraged to take advantage of our NYC Semester on New York Theatre, as well as our program abroad in London, where you will cross paths with with painters, writers, composers, actors, and directors in in and out of class.