Political Science.


Political Science

POLITICAL SCIENCE is the study of how people govern themselves. As one of Drew’s largest majors, political science students have access to a sizable network of alumni before and after they graduate. Available as a major or minor program of study.

NYC Semesters

Students studying political science at Drew are encouraged to build upon what they learn in class by taking advantage of our NYC semesters focusing on the United Nations and Social Entrepreneurship, as well the semester in Washington Politics through George Washington University.

Marketplace Ready

You can leave Drew with impressive internship experience, and, having studied with top-notch faculty, a complex understanding of pressing issues such as health care, educational policy and environmental policy.

We prepare students for substantive work. Our alumni go to graduate schools like NYU or law schools like The George Washington and Harvard Law Schools, work for federal, state and local governments, or join the financial sector, consulting firms and nonprofits.

One recent grad is a senior research associate at the American Enterprise Institute after completing an MA at Georgetown. Others are working in careers as diverse as lobbying, education reform and the solar energy industry.

This class pulled back the curtain on American educational inequity and lit a fire within me to do something about it; I joined Teach for America and became involved in the public education sector. ”
Seth Gorenstein C’09
on Education Policy and Politics