MUSIC is the study of sound as language, and its history, performance and composition. Our students have gone on to prestigious graduate performance programs in music. Others are already working performers and composers and conductors. And because Drew offers a really great liberal arts program, some have become physicians and attorneys. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Debut Your Work With Professional Musicians

Callie Corro saw her work come full circle: she wrote a clarinet quartet, found musicians, scheduled rehearsals—and even had the jitters over how her first audience would react.

Beat This

Music faculty insisted on hiring a world-class acoustician when we built our new concert hall. The result is sound that attracts major artists, including Grammy-winning soprano Dawn Upshaw and the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, to perform and record here.

We have so many double majors—music/theatre arts, music/religious studies, music/German, music/neuroscience. Our grads are out succeeding in lots of fields, and still enjoying the music.

Scholarship in the Arts

Students who excel in the arts, may elect apply for the Drew Scholarship in the Arts and submit samples of work. Areas of concentration include visual art, music, theatre arts.

Students awarded the Scholarship in the Arts receive an annual award of $2,500 ($10,000 over four years). This award is in addition to any academic merit awards received.

There were fewer than seven students in both classes. The professor was absurdly accessible and a lot of fun. It was cool to see everyone enjoy them. ”
Rachel Schachter C’14
on Music Theory I and II