Film, Media & Communication Studies.


Film, Media & Communication Studies

FILM, MEDIA & COMMUNICATION STUDIES explores how images, sound and writing work together to create stories and produce meaning in different technologies. Available as a minor program of study.

Imagine Studying...

How cinema shapes our world-view by analyzing international films from the early twentieth century to the present.

Let's Hear it for New York

New York City is the media and communications capital of the world. From historic Madison Avenue to Silicon Alley, the city is home to an astonishingly wide array of U.S. and international broadcasting, cable, advertising, public relations, publishing, music, film, and digital media companies.

The New York Semester on Communications and Media brings Drew University students into the heart of it all, to learn from professionals who work in the interconnected world of communications, public relations, advertising, and media, and to visit the places in which meaning is created, stories conveyed, and information consumed.