You’re smart. We know that. But we also know that for you, being smart is not enough. You’re curious, restless and hungry for a challenge. That’s why we provide exceptional students with rigorous yet rewarding opportunities for honors study. Plus, if you are accepted to the Baldwin Honors or Civic Scholars program, you’ll be rewarded with generous merit scholarships.

Baldwin Honors: $25,000 Annual Scholarship

Drew recognizes promising scholars and leaders with an invitation to the Baldwin Honors program, which includes a substantial four-year scholarship, opportunities for independent study and research and access to master classes.

Civic Scholars: $2,500 Annual Scholarship

Written in stone high on Drew’s gothic gateway are the words, “Freely Ye Have Received, Freely Give.” Drew’s Civic Scholars program rewards applicants showing extraordinary commitment to the community with a four-year scholarship and inclusion in special seminars and community-based classes.

Specialized Honors

If receiving a diploma with the words “graduated with honors” on it sounds sweet, then keep your GPA high and you’ll receive an invitation your junior year to write and present a senior thesis. Do that well, and this distinction is yours.