Accessibility Services.


Accessibility Services

As part of Drew’s steadfast commitment to lifelong cultivation of the whole person, the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) works to remove barriers to the education of people with documented disabilities.

OAR collaborates with University partners and offices to afford students with disabilities equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the broad educational and social experience found at Drew.

As part of Academic Services, OAR helps students maximize their academic success by connecting them to academic coaching, peer tutoring and specialized advisement as well as career and personal counseling.

For Prospective Students

Arrange a confidential meeting with the Office of Accessibility Resources or complete an online inquiry.

What We Promise to Do

• Serve as the primary source of information to the University community regarding accessibility to services and programs offered at Drew

• Collect and evaluate student documentation

• Determine eligibility for requested accommodation

• Communicate with faculty concerning accessibility to programs/services and implementation of accommodations

• Encourage and promote student self-advocacy

How You Can Help

• Self-disclose the disability to begin the process of requesting accommodations

• Provide documentation of the disclosed disability according to documentation guidelines

• Complete the accommodations request form, indicating courses/instructors

• Present accommodation plan/letter to each instructor during the first two weeks of class

• Follow procedure for testing and note-taking accommodations and for flexibility accommodations

Steps for Newly Enrolled and Current Students

Frequently Asked Questions