During summer orientation, students will meet with a faculty advisor who will guide them through the first-semester registration process.  The day before classes begin, students will meet with their First-Year advisor who will share with them the objectives for first-year advising and the expectations for this collaborative relationship, see For Students.

Throughout their first-year students will have the opportunity to build a relationship with their First-year Advisor who will support their transition to university life.  Students will meet with their First-Year advisor in one-on-one and group settings, with meetings most frequent in the first semester.  For some students, their First-Year Advisor is also their DSEM instructor.

When students are ready to declare a major in their second year, First-year Advisors will guide students through the transition to their chosen major.  Once declared, a student will be assigned a Major Advisor.

Objectives for First-Year Advising

  • Assist students in their intellectual development, creating meaning out of their learning.
  • Coach students as they adjust to Drew’s academic rigor, helping them reflect upon learning experiences and develop, and implement strategies for achieving realistic academic goals.
  • Guide students in their exploration and identification with majors, minors, and career goals;
  • Help students understand the rationale of general education and major requirements;
  • Educate students on additional aspects of the university culture: course syllabi, academic policies (including liberal arts expectations for in-class engagement); course pedagogies, and registration procedures.
  • Promote student connections to university, referring students to academic and campus community resources.
  • Support and encourage students’ capacity to make informed decisions, to negotiate difficulties, and to take responsibility for and learn from the consequences of their actions and choices.