Middle States 2021 Self-Study and Accreditation Review


Middle States 2021 Self-Study and Accreditation Review

Drew University is engaged in a self-study for our 2021 decennial accreditation review by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This institution-wide self-study of the MSCHE Standards for Accreditation will continue through the 2019-2020 academic year, with Drew’s Self-Study Report completed in fall 2020 and the Evaluation Team visit in spring 2021. Drew University community members may access related reports and resources on UKNOW.

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Steering Committee


  • Ryan Hinrichs, Ph.D., Dean of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Chemistry.
  • Hilary Kalagher, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology.

Core Members:

  • Jessica Lakin, Ph.D., Provost and Professor of Psychology.  Also a working group chair.
  • Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre, Th.D., Associate Dean for the Theological School and Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity. Liaison from Theological School Steering Committee for ATS Accreditation.
  • Alex McClung, Ph.D., Director of Institutional Research. Charged with oversight of Evidence Inventory and Requirements of Affiliation.
  • Meredith Palmer, Associate Dean of Administration. Also a working group chair and charged with oversight of Document Roadmap, Institutional Policies and Requirements of Affiliation.
  • Gloria Alisyed-Lewis, Assistant Vice President for University Budgeting and Financial Planning.

Working Group Chairs:

  • Barbara Bresnahan, Chief of Staff, President’s Office.
  • Meredith Palmer, Associate Dean of Administration (noted above).
  • Christina McKittrick, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology.
  • William Petrick, Associate Dean of Students.
  • Sandra Jamieson, Ph.D., Professor of English.
  • Jessica Lakin, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Academic Administration (noted above).

Please use middlestates@drew.edu to communicate with the Steering Committee members.

Self-Study Timeline and Process

Self-Study Timetable
Summer 2019
  • Self-Study Design Report drafted and Working Group membership determined.
Fall 2019
  • Steering Committee presents self-study process to faculty and staff.
  • Sept. 12: MSCHE Vice President liaison visit and open Information Session, 1:15-2:15 pm in Crawford Hall.
  • Working Groups convene, reviewing Standards and identifying data and documentation to support their self-study.
  • Steering Committee meets monthly with Working Group Chairs to support data collection and facilitate cross-group coordination.
Spring 2020
  • MSCHE selects the Evaluation Team Chair.
  • Working Groups continue self-study and chapter drafts, which are due by June 5, 2020.
  • Steering Committee reviews self-study chapter drafts and continues work on compliance verification.
Summer 2020
  • MSCHE selects Evaluation Team members.
  • Steering Committee revises chapters and drafts the full Self-Study Report.
  • Complete Report is shared with the campus community and Board of Trustees. Feedback is collected by the Steering Committee.
Fall 2020
  • Steering Committee revises Self-Study Report based on community feedback.
  • Preliminary visit from the Evaluation Team Chair is scheduled.
  • Compliance verification report is submitted to MSCHE.
Spring 2021
  • In January, Steering Committee makes final revisions to Self-Study Report, which is sent to the President’s Office and Board of Trustees for their support.
  • Self-Study Report is sent to Evaluation Team at least six weeks prior to their visit.
  • Evaluation Team completes site visit and writes report.

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