Clubs and organizations are encouraged to publicize their events via Drew Today announcements. Submitting an announcement can be done by going to, scrolling down under “Today’s Announcements” and clicking the “Add Yours” link at the bottom of the page. You can then edit the page, including an image or just text (it’s up to you). You can also choose the date it will be sent out, if you would like to have it automatically send on an additional date of your choosing.

Helpful Information:
  • Be sure to include the date and time of your event
  • Be mindful of the audience you are sending the announcement to, don’t include the entire campus unless your event is specifically geared towards the entire Drew community
  • Be sure to have your club’s announcement submitted by 7pm. Announcements received after 7pm are not guaranteed to go out the in the next Drew Today. Unless you have chosen otherwise, your announcement will go out in the next Drew Today, which goes out just after midnight each day.
  • Drew Today Announcements are for club/organization events, individual students are not permitted to submit announcements on their own behalf.
Words to avoid using:
  • “Raffle” — raffles require a game of chance license from the town. You are permitted to have a door prize, the slight difference being that instead of selling raffle tickets, you give everyone who attends your event a ticket and draw a winner from that,
  • Just saying “Today” or “Tomorrow” and not including the actual date — day, date, and time
  • “For Sale” — Drew Today Announcements are not to be used for selling individual items; approved club fundraisers or sales are ok.