General Purchasing Policies: Student Group Purchases

Student group funding can be used for campus-wide events and programs. These funds are not for exclusive group meetings, such as executive board meetings or thank you receptions for special guests.

Approved items that can be purchased by student groups with Drew University funds:

  • T-shirts: for publicity only, i.e. event-specific or club-specific t-shirts

    • T-shirts may not be personalized unless the recipients are paying 100% out of their own pocket for the t-shirts

  • Supplies: tablecloths, paper products, fabric/materials

    • Gift Cards for event give-a-ways must be $25 or less for event give-a-ways only

      • Gift Cards cannot be given as compensation, i.e. VISA (etc.) gift cards in lieu of travel compensation or travel reimbursement.

  • Food:

    • If an group is spending less than $150 total on pre-packaged food (not catered or hot), they may purchase the food on their own

      • Fast food, i.e. Burger King, McDonalds, etc. must be approved by a club’s Student Activities advisor.

      • “Pot-Luck” events or providing food made by student groups is not permitted for events.
    • $150 or more for the total event food expense or if the group is having hot/catered food, all request for catering must be submitted directly to the Drew Dining Catering Manager for price quotes and approval

  • Copyrights: film screenings

    • Groups must work with the Media Resource Center to acquire the appropriate copyrights for materials shown on campus

    • Confirmation of the purchase of the copyrights must be provided to a group’s Student Activities liaison.

  • Services: printing, performances, speakers, etc.

    • Club leaders MUST meet to discuss contract details with their Student Activities advisor prior to any verbal commitments with an agency or performer.

    • If a group is purchasing a service, a contract and W9 form must be completed and turned into the Office of Student Activities a minimum of 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the event date

    • Contracts turned in less than 2 weeks from the event date will not be processed

      • The service provider will not be permitted on campus or paid.

Student Travel

When off-campus, all students are expected to following the guidelines as listed in Daniel’s Dictionary.

  • Student Travel that is funded by a club budget must do the following:
    • Groups must first submit the online Student Activities off-campus event form with tentative event details and logistics to Student Activities
    • To request transportation such as bus, van, or rental car, fill out this form: Transportation Request
    • A Student Activities staff member will schedule a follow-up meeting to confirm all travel arrangements with the club liaison.
  • Student Travel funds requested from Student Government must adhere to the following planning process:
    • Step One: Submit the ad hoc request form; attend B&A ad hoc meeting
    • Step Two: Once B&A funds are approved, submit the online off-campus event form and attend a follow-up meeting with a Student Activities Staff member.
  • Student travel maximum coverage: $250 per student per event; must be approved by Student Government:
    • Student travel funds are permitted to be used for program registration, transportation and lodging only. Food expenses are to be covered by each individual student.
  • Bus rentals are our preferred method of transportation for group trips
    • Our preferred University vendor for bus rentals is: Passaic Valley Coaches
    • Price quotes from three vendors are still required
    • Insurance coverage for the trip must be provided by the Bus company
    • To request transportation such as bus, van, or rental car, fill out this form: Transportation Request
  • Groups of 30 or less:
    • Public Transportation is our preferred method of transportation
    • Rental cars are our second preferred method of transportation
      • To reserve a rental car, a club representative must meet with the Program Coordinator in Student Activities to make all rental car arrangements
      • Club funds (i.e. university credit cards) can be used to cover gas expenses in a rental vehicle
    • Use of Personal Vehicles
      • Personal vehicles are not permitted for off-campus trips
      • Mileage reimbursements for acquiring supplies for events must be pre-approved
        • Mileage reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of the expense
        • A club must have the funds in their budget to reimburse the individual; there may be a cap applied to the mileage reimbursement.

Items not approved for purchase by a Drew University student group budget allocation

  • Gifts or honorariums: for speakers, presenters, graduating students, etc.

  • Gas Cards are not permitted

  • Alcohol

    • Not approved for events hosted by CLA student groups

      • Senior Class traditional events with alcohol: Champagne Toast, 99 Nights, and Senior Week are permitted once permission is given from the Offices of Student Activities and Campus Life & Student Affairs.

    • Graduate School and Theological School groups must petition the Dean of Campus Life & Student Affairs for permission to have alcohol at student-run events.