CLA Student Groups are not permitted to have alcohol at their events except for the following traditional events:

  • Senior Class Events:
    1. Senior Class Kick Off
    2. Champagne Toast
    3. 99 Nights ‘Til Commencement
    4. Senior Week Events
  • DUDS Ball

Graduate School and Theological School student groups are permitted to request to have alcohol at their events by petitioning the Office of the Dean of Campus Life & Student Affairs

  • When alcohol is permitted at a student-run event, the selection is limited to beer, wine and malt beverages (i.e., wine coolers) only

  • Open bars are not permitted at any student events

  • Drew University Faculty or Staff members, such as a club advisor, must be present at all CLA student organization events serving alcohol.
  • Anyone who is visibly intoxicated when arriving to, or attending an event, will be removed from the event.

    • Judicial sanctions may follow

  • When alcohol is permitted at a mixed age crowd event (i.e. 99 Nights or Senior Week) the following policies are in effect:

    • All attendees under 21 must be braceleted with an “under 21” identifying wristband

    • Event staff must provide a plan for ensuring no one under 21 receives an alcoholic beverage to be approved by Student Activities

    • Anyone who violates this policy will be removed from the event immediately

      • Judicial sanctions may follow

  • Any event with alcohol must have a tabbed wristband policy in effect

    • Tabbed wristbands must be given to all 21+ individuals wishing to consume alcohol

    • One tab per drink, per hour of the event; not to exceed 4 tabs per event, even if the event is longer than 4 hours.

    • Free food and nonalcoholic beverages must be provided for the duration of the event.

  • If the event is being held in any campus location besides The Pub and there is a fee for the event and/or wristband, a liquor license from the State of New Jersey must be acquired.

    • Groups should plan with Student Activities a minimum of 60 days prior to their event date to acquire a liquor license.

      • Permits require signatures from Drew representatives, Madison Town representatives and NJ State representatives

  • Bartenders must be hired by the Drew University food service provider and Public Safety must be present at the event as determined by the Chief of Public Safety or his/her designee.

    • Bartenders should be certified bartenders and TIPS and/or Responsible Serving of Alcohol Certification trained

  • Outdoor events with alcohol require a double fence (“beer garden”) set up, per NJ State regulations

    • A request must be made for setup of the beer garden to HCH (setup charges will apply)

  • Event publicity and promotion, including all social media (hashtags, etc.) cannot encourage the consumption of alcohol.

    • “Bar crawls” are not permitted