Interested in starting at new club at Drew?

Once you have all of the materials for your new club proposal, please submit all materials via the following form:

A 250 word or less statement that describes your proposed organization and how it will benefit the Drew Community; explaining specifically its goals and mission as it relates to the university’s mission.

The names of ten or more members. Compile a list including name, cell phone number, and graduation year.

A copy of the proposed constitution which reflects the purpose of the organization, its governance structure and the way you intend to run the club including: meetings, elections and amendments.
A list of proposed activities that your club would like to host for the Drew community.

Advisor Information

Club Advisors must be a full-time faculty member, administrator or professional staff member at Drew University. You must first have confirmation from your club Advisor that the individual agrees to serve in this role prior to submitting their name and information.