1. Must adhere to Educational Policies and Regulations, any student on Academic Probation is ineligible to be an active participant in any registered student organization.

2. Must sponsor at least two campus-wide events or community service activities per semester.

3. Must have an Advisor that is a full time drew faculty or staff member, contact information should be on file in the Office of Student Activities.

4. Must maintain an up-to-date list of officers in the Office of Student Activities. It is requested that a voluntary list of active members be on file with Student Activities each academic year.

5. Must have a current constitution on file in the Office of Student Activities.

6. Must adhere to all guidelines associated with receiving funds from B&A, if applicable.

7. Must complete Fundraising Authorization Form and receive approval from the Office of Student Activities prior to beginning any fundraising projects.

8. Responsible for sound fiscal management of organization and for prompt payment of any debts incurred. Students are not permitted to sign contracts or enter into agreements on behalf of their organization. All contracts and agreements must be signed by the Dean of Campus Life & Student Affairs.

9. Responsible for the activities of non-student members and guests while participating in the activities of the student organization.

10. Responsible for supervising and ensure the safe operation of their programs.

11. Each organization is responsible for maintaining adequate communication with the Office of Student Activities.

12. If organization has Drew University web space they are responsible for maintaining and updating their website each semester. Failure to do so may result in loss of web space.

13. Must abide by all rules and policies of Drew University and the laws of local, state and federal government.

14. Responsible for their communication and representation as in accordance with the University mission, goals and philosophy.