Over 24% of Drew University students are the first in their families to go pursue a higher education (2010-2015). First Generation College Students face multiple unique barriers while in college. DrewFIRST is a new peer mentorship program that supports first generation college students and other underrepresented populations at Drew such as students of color and undocumented students.

DrewFIRST assists First Generation College Students to integrate into the Drew community through workshops and trainings facilitated by Drew staff and faculty, frequent monitoring of student academic performance, social outings, and peer mentorship.

DrewFIRST Fellows

DrewFIRST Fellows are undergraduate students at Drew University that participate in the DrewFIRST program as a Mentor or Mentee.

Mentor is an upperclassman student at Drew University who is a guide and student advisor interested in investing academic, social, personal and professional advancement of their peers. A mentor functions as a positive role model, coach, and supportive peer.

A Mentee is an underclassman (a first year, sophomore or junior) at Drew who is mentored by an upperclassman.

Teams are a set of a Mentor and Mentee.

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 Responsibilities of a Fellow

Mentors invests in their Mentee through attentive interactions that are positive. Whether it be at a social outing, academic or professional training, mentors serve as positive role models. Mentors participate in initial trainings, DrewFIRST activities as a team, and with other fellows.

Mentees prepare to be equipped to face challenges during their first year in college by allowing Mentors to lead them; attend social outings, workshops, and trainings.

DrewFIRST Advocates

In addition to this program, DrewFIRST Advocates are staff and faculty at Drew interested in supporting DrewFIRST Fellows. Advocates support DrewFIRST Fellows by serving as a liaison to the community, hosting a workshop or training, being an active advocate for resources at Drew, advising and welcoming students, and to overall foster important relationships to create a supporting environment.
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All forms are due September 24, 2017