Drew Fellowship for Inspiring and Recognizing Students Together

DrewFIRST (Drew Fellowship for Inspiring and Recognizing Students Together) is a program dedicated to First Generation College Students and socially marginalized groups at Drew University.

The main goal for this program is to help First Generation College students integrate into the Drew community through workshops, training, frequent monitoring of student’s academic success, social outings and peer mentorship.

DrewFIRST hosts events, workshops and trainings that cater to professional, academic and social development for each student. Additionally, the peer mentorship component extends the relationship of upper class-men as mentors and first years as mentees. Each mentor and mentee will be specially paired carefully. Mentors are great resources, guidance and as a paired team mentors help create the first year at drew a fun, aware and inspiring experience.

What are First Generation College Students? 

First Generation College Students are students the first, or among the first, in their immediate family to pursue a degree in higher education.

What are socially marginalized groups?

Socially marginalized groups are populations that experienced social exclusion, and are socially disadvantaged. Examples include: racial, ethnic, or religious minorities.

College is an experience like no other. For First Generation College Students, their challenges create a unique experience. DrewFIRST assists First Generation College Students to help their bumpy transition from high school to college, create local leaders, and foster community through support and recognition.

Participants (also known as DrewFIRST Fellows) in the DrewFIRST program are current Drew University students, faculty and staff.