Reimbursements will only be processed if the student organization receives prior approval from the Office of Student Activities or the B&A Comptroller

  • All original, itemized receipts must be submitted.
  • The name on the receipt must match the name of the individual requesting reimbursement.
  • If reimbursement is for travel related expenses, please complete a Travel and Entertainment Expense Voucher.

Please make sure to sign the form and complete the description/purpose of the event section.

Reimbursements under $50

  • Reimbursements under $50 will be in cash via the Petty Cash desk in the Business Office


  1. Submit original, itemized receipts to the Office of Student Activities or B&A Comptroller (and completed Travel & Entertainment Voucher if applicable).
  2. Student will be notified via email when the reimbursement form is ready to be picked up from the Office of Student Activities.
  3. Once picked up, the form will need to be approved by the VP of Finance, Treasurer, Controller, or the Associate Treasurer, all of whom are located in Madison House.
  4. Once approved by an appropriate member of the finance department, as listed above, the request can be taken to the Business Office in Tilghman House for a cash reimbursement.

Reimbursement $50 and over

  • Reimbursements $50 and over will be sent via University check.
  • University checks will be sent to campus mailbox, unless otherwise noted.


  • Complete a check request form, including name, address, date submitted, date required, amount requested, organization requesting check, social security number of student, treasurer signature, attach original itemized receipt (and completed Travel & Entertainment voucher if applicable), and submit to the appropriate department (Student Activities or B&A).