• An LPO is an agreement between Drew University and the vendor.
  • LPO can be used for purchases up to a maximum of $250. Due to contractual obligations with Aramark Catering, no more than $100.00 can be spent on food from outside vendors. Please review the Catering Policy for more information.
  • Limited vendors accept LPO, please check with the vendor before submitting request.
  • All requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the date the item is needed.
  • Treasurer’s signature is required on all paperwork.
  • After an LPO is distributed and used the respective club is responsible for returning the receipt to the Office of Student Activities or the B&A comptroller immediately. Future LPO requests will not be processed until outstanding receipts have been received.
  • A First Right of Refusal form must be completed and approved if the organization would like to use an outside caterer. Please review the Catering Policy for more information.


  1. Complete a Purchasing Request Form or a TSA Purchasing Request Form
  2. Pick up the LPO from the B&A Comptroller or the Office of Student Activities on the confirmed date and time you were assigned.
  3. LPO is given to the vendor as proof of payment.
  4. All original receipts must be given (for Stop ‘N Shop both cash register and yellow hand written copy) back to appropriate office within 48 hours. New requests for LPO’s will not be processed if receipts are missing.